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Tiffany Dating Netizenbuzz - But after the first shock, and a few well placed comments about changing Girls Generation's name now, most comments were, once again, directed at the male in the relationship- Kyung Ho. Girls’ Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gi break up after dating a year and nine months. Breaking news have reported that Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona and Lee Seung.

Fansknow who's dating who? ~ Netizen But unlike Seung Gi's comments, they weren't nearly as pleasant. Antis always dragging kyungsoo and sojin dating rumor and state it as a fact, when in reality they know nothing about it, antis just want people to think.

SM confirms Sulli is dating director Kim Whereas Seung Gi and his agency were up front from the beginning, Kyung Ho had been recently asked if he was dating and went so far as to say he was dating a non-celebrity. Article SM reps, "Sulli and Kim Min Joon are dating, feelings recently developed" Source X Sports News via Nate 1. +1,200, -18 Seeing as how fast SM confirmed.

Tiffany <b>Dating</b> <b>Netizenbuzz</b> -
Fansknow who's <strong>dating</strong> who? ~ Netizen
SM confirms Sulli is <b>dating</b> director Kim
KPop Secrets. Must be sucks to be Suzy's stan rht now

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