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I am a disabled veteran, women won't give me the time of day. Been through a laundry list of meds to control pain, without success, and now at wits end to find way to get approved for medical marijuana. Served 6 years with 3rd Inf (01-06), 3 tours (2 in Afghan, 1 in Iraq). Aside from hot shrapnel down the side of my chest, broke collar bone and a few broke ribs, A fractured 5th vertebrae from the shock is what got me out. The car wreck that claimed my legs came a couple years after I was discharged... We had had a winter storm on a Sunday nht and the Base Commander had closed the base. I am a disabled veteran, women won't give me the time of day because i'm in a wheel chair what's up with that. Veterans Dating Sites. Sources.

Dating site for disabled veterans - Struggle with severe mraines, arthritis, seizures, and PTSD from severe auto accident 20 years ago. I came home safe and sound...everything working and where it should be. I was mediy discharged because I couldn't do my job anymore. When I was in the Army, I had a CO who was more concerned with the PT streamer on our guidon than the health of his troops. I also saw that dating site for disabled veterans other Veterans were looking for daging same kind of site. I want to make an exclusive Veteran and Disabled Veteran site where we can meet other Veterans.

Disabled dating service - Dating4disabled - online community. i have also been trying for the same period to get 100% disability for unemployability and... I developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatue syndrome. Dating For Disabled is an online dating service for people with disabilities. We are a community where disabled singles can find love & friendship.

The Premium Online Military Dating Site for Military Singles. I thought I would have the chance to continue my career after I was initially found fit for duty. friend Sergeant Bo to protect his identity and we’ll give out his email address at the end of the article in case anyone can help this vet out. On nhts I prayed that I was still and I still do. I retired when my injuries impacted my operational availability. I have Glaucoma, Type II Diabetes, bi-lateral perophal neurophy and some other conditions directly attributable to my exposure to Agent Orange. MilitaryFriends is an online military dating service for. Coast Guard, Police Force, and Firefhters -- as well as civilians, veterans. Unlike other sites.

Refinance With a VA Loan In the end, he just needs a few things most of us take for granted. I am 100% disabled and a full time single father of 3. They said they'll all go to the street this winter, wheelchair and all. Real Women Profiles. Sn Up Free!

I am a <em>disabled</em> veteran, women won't give me the time of day.
<em>Dating</em> site for <em>disabled</em> <em>veterans</em> -
<i>Disabled</i> <i>dating</i> service - Dating4disabled - online community.

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