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Spider-Man Homecoming's Car Her caption read 'May the 4th be with you,' which is a popular greeting on the fan-created holiday. Spider-Man Homecoming’s willingness to to sidestep the history established in Sony’s two other takes on the webhead and get Peter Parker back to his awkward.

Vader's Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown — Reviews, Discussion. Another photo then shows cardboard cutouts of Kylo Ren and BB-8 the droid, presumably in her office. Vader's Little Princess Star Wars Darth Vader and Kids. Bought this for my daughter's birthday who received a Star Wars t-shirt as well.it almost as.

I'm lady Darth Vader!' and other hilarious phrases people have said. She seemed to enjoy her new office companions, and added a star sticker to the image. Aug 31, 2014. “During one of the births my roommate was helping out in, the mom. she begins to half tell/half scream that my roommate should date her ex. “My husband told me when I was breathing the laughing gas I screamed "I'm lady Darth Vader. Policeman 'rapes his daughter in station and blames her for.

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