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Chronicles of Fibromyalgia Sex And The Fibro Girl It is a chronic condition that renders sufferers so sensitive that even the lhtest touch trgers waves of excruciating pain. Fibromyalgia blog,fibro,advice,support ,awareness. and sleeping with someone else just tells your snificant other that you're selfish.

Bipolar Disorder A Dating Reality - Fibromyalgia is thought to affect up to a million Britons, commonly women over 40, and experts have likened the debilitating sensations to ‘death by a thousand needles’.‘As well as pain, patients usually complain of a degree of fatue and poor sleep quality. A bipolar blogger shares her personal experience with dating & bipolar disorder. ‘People have left me because of it’

Coping Strategies CFIDS & Depression and chronic pain often go hand-in-hand – it’s so hard to cope with such grinding discomfort every single day.’‘When a normal individual experiences pain, there is what we a coping process in the brain that manages it,’ he explains.‘In some patients with fibromyalgia, that process isn’t working properly so their threshold for experiencing pain is much lower. What are the most important things to remember in coping with chronic illness? Read some answers from fellow patients in this article.

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